[ExI] 27 psychedelics??

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>…I may be just as square as Spike…


Hey cool, let’s have a contest.  What events should we include in the Squareness Olympiad?


>…excepting the weed…


HAH!  I start with the advantage!  Smoking “weed” is a real hipster thing, “man.”  It is “far out” and “groovy” as the hippies say.


>…What keeps me from any LSD or such is the fact that I am about halfway to being manic-depressive.  If the drug exaggerbates either tendency, esp. depression, I would have a terrible trip and might even contemplate suicide.  Not for me.   bill w


Oy vey.  Billw, I am one of the lucky ones, the opposite of manic-depressive.  I call it manic-elative.  But think about it: gratitude is a powerful emotion, and powerful emotions generate powerful endorphins.  Sure, I know it is trite, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true: count your blessings, me lad.  All of us, count our freaking blessings.  Think back on all the places we coulda been born and all the times we coulda been born, compare that to here and now.  Are you hungry right now?  Why is that please?  Why is there food in your refrigerator right now and why do you have a refrigerator right now?  And why do you not worry that it will still be running in the morning please?  


Why is it that you do not hear someone going by with a cart, calling “Bring out your dead!  Bring out your dead!”  Heh, funny that, but not really.  It’s a pandemic, ja?  But did we ever hear that sound, and why not?  Those of us who have lived long, have we ever heard that sound?  


How many of us know of polio as anything other than a shot we had in elementary school?  Owww, why do we need to do this, we whined?  Why did we not know that please?  


How many of us here concerned themselves that an invading army would attack and destroy our town?  Why is that?


Those younger, do you remember the days before computers and internet?  Billw and I do, several of us here do.  Sheesh, look at what is right in front of you right now.  Is it 40 columns of grainy text with a blinking cursor?  No?  Why is it not 40 columns of grainy text with a blinking cursor?


My friends, I don’t mean to harangue you.  Oh wait, retract, I do, but it isn’t because I don’t love yas.  It’s because we are absurdly lucky, all of us.  We are all lucky sonsa bitches.  We are well-fed, warm, dry, safe, well informed, we are never bored because of that electronic device you are gazing at riiiiight noooowwww.  


Think on these things please.  Gratitude is a powerful emotion.  So feel it.  Live it.  Get high on that.  It’s free.  It’s legal.  It’s healthy.  It’s even advisable.






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