[ExI] 27 psychedelics??

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> Gene Krupa was addicted to heroin and insisted that he played better under it.  So someone challenged him:  tape a session with and without heroin.  He admitted that he played better straight.
> I played a variety of instruments but never wanted to do them under the influence.  You can put lipstick on a pig............ 

The main thing I’ve seen with people performing under the influence is their impaired judgment. They tend to think they’re performing better but are actually performing worse.

That said, I wouldn’t expect otherwise. And heroin is not usually classed as a psychedelic. But I would look not for immediate improvements in performance, but for improvements in other things like in emotional/psychological problems. I’m not saying there are any, but that seems a better motivation for using them than playing chess or the cello better. 

> I want to hear great music played by great performers.   And I do.There are 1500 male grandmasters and 40 female ones.  Can we say that men are better at spatial things?   Yes - we are very spacial. bill w

I would challenge that: that men are inherently better at spatial. After all, girls are usually raised not to do spatial things, whereas boys are. So years and years of encouraging boys to do X and _discouraging_ girls to do X (or vice versa) plus stereotype threat (meaning most kids tend to conform to pressures to perform certain stereotypical roles: the boy actively discouraged from, say, playing with dolls from the time he’s a toddler) and the like skews the adult data. You shouldn’t actively promote certain roles on almost all children for decades or centuries and then expect equal outcomes, no?


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