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> I would challenge that: that men are inherently better at spatial. After
> all, girls are usually raised not to do spatial things, whereas boys are.
> So years and years of encouraging boys to do X and _discouraging_ girls to
> do X (or vice versa) plus stereotype threat (meaning most kids tend to
> conform to pressures to perform certain stereotypical roles: the boy
> actively discouraged from, say, playing with dolls from the time he’s a
> toddler) and the like skews the adult data. You shouldn’t actively promote
> certain roles on almost all children for decades or centuries and then
> expect equal outcomes, no?

### The cognitive differences between genders are innate, not forced by
socialization. This is a well-established observation, even though much
hated by leftists of all stripes. The differences emerge very early in
development and are most pronounced in societies that are most
gender-egalitarian, which is the very opposite of what would be observed if
the differences were created by social influence.

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