[ExI] Live Forever in the Metaverse

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 20:03:34 UTC 2022

Metaverse Company to Offer Immortality Through ‘Live Forever’ Mode

Somnium Space is developing a way for people to talk to their loved
ones even after they die.
All it requires is massive amounts of personal data.
by Maxwell Strachan    Apr 13, 2022


The death of Sychov’s father served as the inspiration for an idea
that he would come to call “Live Forever” mode, a forthcoming feature
in Somnium Space that allows people to have their movements and
conversations stored as data, then duplicated as an avatar that moves,
talks, and sounds just like you—and can continue to do so long after
you have died. In Sychov’s dream, people will be able to talk to their
dead loved one whenever they wish.
But the beauty of the idea, according to Sychov, is that this other
version of you can continue to evolve alongside artificial
intelligence technology in the coming years, even if all the data was
collected years ago.  “Let's say you die or someone dies,” Sychov
explained to me. “With the same amount of data we collected about you,
with the progression of AI, we can recreate you better and better”
over time.

This sounds like a progression from the chatbot created of a dead
person to a similar chatbot but speaking via a life-like avatar in the
Metaverse.  It might make the Metaverse rather unnerving if you never
knew whether you were speaking to a bot, a dead avatar, or a real live


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