[ExI] Atlas Shrugged

Giulio Prisco giulio at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 05:00:05 UTC 2022

Though Atlas Shrugged is not very good fiction and the characters are
caricatures, it is an addictive page turner. I never cared much for
Rand's version of libertarianism, which is a caricature like her
characters. But in today's very anti-libertarian culture, reading
Atlas Shrugged is refreshing and needed.

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> I have heard mention of Ayn Rand’s works, particularly Atlas Shrugged, on this list and other places. I have not read it myself, but am interested in your all’s thoughts on the book. The book seems to be very polarizing, with some loathing it and others praising it. I come mostly from a libertarian perspective and am curious as to the potential pitfalls of the book and what may be learned by reading it.
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