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>…Example, a news parody site, the Babylon Bee, posted a gag about a Twitter employee’s absurd over- sensitivity, getting therapy in response to Musk buying Twitter.  In response, Twitter put a warning label that the post contains sensitive content.


>…heeeeeeeheheheheheheheheheheheeeeee… good one, Twitter.


>…That in itself was a terrific self-referential self-parody play-along-with-the-gag on the part of Twitter.  Or rather it would be, if we could be completely sure that Twitter really was intending to make fun of itself.  I have nagging doubts.  


>…How do you read that?





If Twitter did this as an intentional comedic self-own, I applaud their being good sports.


Here’s the video:




Twitter flagged it as sensitive content.  Heh.


Question: was this a human Twitterer who was having some fun at his own expense, or did the Twitterithms flag it?  If Musk manages to buy Twitter, he will make the Twitterithms public, and we will find out.  Otherwise… the software stay hidden.


It is hard to miss: conventional wisdom held that Twitter cannot possibly influence elections.  Until this week.  Now it can.  Couldn’t before, can now.




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