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> I love what Musk is doing but I'm afraid it is too little too late.
> They have taken our liberties gradually, silently, step by step, one
> by one, and we have been so stupid to let them. I'm afraid the US and
> Europe are history. Let's see how China develops in a few decades. If
> I were a young man, I would be learning Chinese.

### If the Chinese keep doing their Communist Chinese stuff, China will be
a footnote in less than a century. Communism is inherently friendly to
evil, evil causes depravity and depravity is very expensive. Chicoms took
their boot off Chinese peoples' throats a little bit in 1978 and China
bounced back from the abyss, and even prospered. Now the boot comes down
hard again, and the body count and economic losses rise.

This said, we the (still) free people need to be alert for the communists
in our midst.

I propose re-education camps for communists, the woke, social media
censorship advocates, Ministry of Truth employees and other enemies of the
people, to be built in the frozen wilderness of Alaska, modeled after the
Uighur camps the Chicoms built in Xinjiang.

Long live Elon!

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