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OK well I suppose this solves the mystery of why the big panic.








Ari Melber goes on about how Twitter doesn't need to be transparent.  OK
well then he is in perfect agreement with Elon Musk, who intends to make the
workings transparent.


So this commentator appears in the photo to be in full panic mode over how
Twitter can influence elections because they don't need to be transparent,
while simultaneously failing to recognize that it isn't transparent now, and
is being purchased by a guy who intends to take it from not transparent to


The mind boggles.


Furthermore, we get to find out if this bad evil practice he describes has
already been done.  So. stopping the evil practice this is a good thing, ja?
There are credible accusations that is has been done and is being done now.
But Ari makes it sound like exposing that and stopping that is a bad thing.
I don't understand.  Can anyone explain please?



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