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 >>…But Ari makes it sound like exposing that and stopping that is a bad thing.  I don’t understand.  Can anyone explain please?  spike    

>…What if a media company wanted to discriminate against some political party?  It's a private company, so it's not illegal - true?



>…Making this transparent would be a terrible idea…

Ja, thanks for that.  The fact that Musk is buying a media company at enormous expense, planning to make it transparent is evidence that his company does not plan to discriminate against some political party.  Billw, very perceptive of you sir.

The fact that the other media companies do not make their filtering algorithms transparent indicates the other media companies DO wish to discriminate against some political party.

See the reasoning there Billw?

So… this “news” guy appears to be arguing that NOT discriminating against a particular party is a bad thing, but discriminating against a political party is a good thing.  Well, is it?  MSNBC, is that it?  Was this the most epic self-own ever?  Was it done for humor?

>…I can't see this coming under equal time laws.  billw

Cool, I’m all for equal time laws.  All the minor parties get equal air time with the two biggies, cool.  Furthermore… there are a lotta different brands of Libertarians.  We can divide into at least a coupla dozen variants, completely swamp the message of these other guys who win all the elections.  We wouldn’t even be able to find the two biggies in the resulting pile of hay.






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OK well I suppose this solves the mystery of why the big panic.






The mind boggles.




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