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The FBI falsified evidence.  Caught, convicted.  They did almost nothing to the perp.  Now, the FBI cannot be trusted.  There are no extenuating circumstances to consider, none.


>… If that were the case, one could point this out in court to shred the credibility of any evidence the FBI claims to have found…


That is exactly right Adrian, which is why this case was so damaging to law and order in the USA.  Now, even if the courts take the FBI’s word for it, we don’t.  If the FBI was the only witnesses and I am in the jury box, I would request some kind of corroborating evidence to back up the FBI, for the FBI falsifies evidence.  Caught, convicted, they did almost nothing.  Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.


I predicted the FBI would need to fry one of their own bad apples, or give away their credibility.  They chose the latter.  Now, we shine a bright light on a lot of very suspicious things the FBI has been involved in since that time, and we are seeing a lot of suspicious stuff, at least one of those things right here in our own neighborhood Adrian.  I can elaborate on that last phrase if you wish.





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