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> Now, even if the courts take the FBI’s word for it, we don’t.  If the FBI
> was the only witnesses and I am in the jury box, I would request some kind
> of corroborating evidence to back up the FBI, for the FBI falsifies
> evidence.

You would likely be dismissed from the jury pool and replaced for doing so
- if you weren't simply ignored, or a mistrial declared either on the spot
or when you hung the jury because you wouldn't take the FBI's word.

> I predicted the FBI would need to fry one of their own bad apples, or give
> away their credibility.  They chose the latter.  Now, we shine a bright
> light on a lot of very suspicious things the FBI has been involved in since
> that time, and we are seeing a lot of suspicious stuff, at least one of
> those things right here in our own neighborhood Adrian.  I can elaborate on
> that last phrase if you wish.

 Sure, go ahead.
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