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>… we are seeing a lot of suspicious stuff, at least one of those things right here in our own neighborhood Adrian.  I can elaborate on that last phrase if you wish.


>… Sure, go ahead…



We have a standing contradiction in police reports on that hammer attack on the husband of a prominent politician from San Francisco.  A mainstream news source reported the SF police version, the network retracted the story without explanation, the reporter was replaced and has never again appeared on camera since then.  The FBI offered a contradictory account of the events, and did not offer the police body cam video or still images which would answer which version is correct.


So now… we the people are wondering if our own FBI suppressed a politically damaging story by the San Francisco police force.  The FBI is in custody of that body cam footage, and they are not talking.  But we do know the FBI falsifies evidence.  We don’t know that the SF police department does so, and I don’t suspect them in this case.



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