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>…In any case all I'm trying to say is that I was there as people were compiling the whole Paul Pelosi thing and it was messy and very unclear…


But why was it messy and unclear?  The FBI has the video.  Why don’t they just release the video?  Then it would be tidy and clear.


>… Just not a great hill to die on in terms of fed lies since I think there are easier more presentable pathways…


How do we know the Fed is lying?  I agree the FBI report paints a weird picture, but I wouldn’t say they are lying until I see the actual video.  Why would they not release the video?


>…In a way I also think I harbor resentment against people who just get the fox news conspiracy digest…


Is a conspiracy theory without an actual theory called a conspiracy digest?  Resentment?


>…because I spend a good amount of time in the places where the sausage is made and they are hard places to stick around.  Lots of very nasty, hateful people…


Eh… Will… that comment in itself bring up an obvious question: why do you spend a good amount of time where it is hard to stick around because of nasty hateful people?  I don’t understand.





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