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>…Wait so you are saying you came upon that report without having seen any news about it which might have had some opinion baked in?...


Questions don’t have opinions Will.  They are questions only.  Ja, I saw there were popular news reports, but they published the FBI story, so I went there.  A hundred questions came out of that report.  My main news source is the libertarian publication Reason, but I don’t recall where I got the link to the FBI report.  


I don’t recall that any popular news agency had any good answers to any of the questions raised by the FBI report or really the very most obvious one of all: where is the video?  Have you seen it?  Why don’t they just show us that and be done with it?  If the FBI still has that, cannot we FOIA request it?  If they don’t, why not?  What happened to it?  It was their foggy report that caused all these questions, which  kinda almost implicates the San Fran Police, who somehow failed to spring into action when they saw two guys apparently grappling with a weapon, yet failed to prevent an attack.  Seems to me even I could have done better than that.  In accordance with the FBI report, the constable demanded they drop the hammer, Pelosi complied, the freak clobbered him, which almost sounds like a police procedural error.  The constable should have controlled the hammer himself, then told the two men to release it.


There were other weird aspects to the story.  The victim went to the hospital with a fractured skull, but a hammer blow to the head would cause the kind of injury which would be difficult for an octogenarian to even survive, never mind coming home a few days later.  I would presume it was a dent fracture, which would put pressure on the brain, which would cause swelling and perhaps a stroke.  Very odd.




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