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Being MORE into conspiracy that someone else, and believing in Pizzagate and 9/11 conspiracy is NOT a way to gain credibility here. I'm truly baffled why you would think so and put Spike down for asking entirely sensible and focused questions.

If you believe you have better information due to being on conspiracy email lists, provide the specific evidence that Spike hasn't seen.

>From my POV, Spike's political views are like the person who is asked "What is pi?" and answers "3.1415927 to be approximate (at least in this universe). How many more digits do you need?"
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Spike, sorry but you're out of your element.

I'm MORE into conspiracy theories than you.  I am more fringe than you.  I literally saw that Pelosi theory emerge on the forums it started on.  I am a primary source.  I believe in Pizzagate and a 9/11 conspiracy for fuck's sake.  The Pelosi hammer thing is tenuous and there are far clearer and better examples of the FBI lying.  I'm not sure why you decided to cling to this one but I'm telling you that I was witness to its formation before it was chewed up and excreted on whatever tucker-carlson-esque conservaslop channel you saw it on.

I'm not being aggressive because I'm against you.  I'm being aggressive because we are in many ways on the same side but you are choosing to regurgitate propaganda instead of actual nuanced argument.   I'm telling you man the stuff you say just sounds like any fox news boomer, and I imagine your palette of sources and depth of research is about the same as that.

If you'd like to be convincing at least show sources, otherwise I will assume your source is a single bread-and-circus TV show segment.
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