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David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Thu Dec 1 22:37:51 UTC 2022

Spike wrote:

>There is an absolute limit to how big a Marxist society can be (8 billion
>or so) but it isn't clear there is a lower limit, so we can imagine a kind
>of cult with 100 people from-ing and to-ing each other, or even just a
>family with one brutal dictator and the rest doing exactly as instructed, or
>even a couple, and most of us at some point have witnessed a couple like
>that, with one making all the decisions and the other telling her: OK dear,
>right away dear and so forth, but at some point she might get tired of
>having a proletariat who is insufficiently skilled at to-ing to her needs,
>so she throws him back.  Then she is a Marxist society of one.

Back when, my father wrote an article for The Freeman, "Socialism as 
a Family Enterprise." He pointed out at, at best, it works for a 
family. At least until one of your kids (me) is old enough to push 
back. Indeed, by the time the piece came out, I'd gone over the 
metaphorical wall from his diktats and left for freedom 9,000 km away.


-- David.

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