[ExI] chinese fires, was:RE: book review

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Fri Dec 2 00:31:36 UTC 2022

Spike wrote:

>Well David Lubkin, how the freaking heck are ye, me lad?  Sheesh have you
>been here the whole time listening to all this?  We coulda been taking your
>name in vain for the past decade not knowing you were listening to all the
>blasphemy.  Welcome back.  Tell us everything that happened please.

My last post was in 2019. But as Kosh put it on Babylon 5, I have 
always been here. At least, back close to the beginning of the old 
list, and the extro-related newsgroups before that. I'm just way 
behind in reading posts....

I've been mostly on FB, posting a lot to my wall and participating in 
groups like the Heinlein Forum or the FSP. Any extropian is welcome 
to stop by my wall.

My illustrious mother, who edited Physics Today for 45 years, died 
just before the Covid lockdowns. I told her story with a series of 
cover photos that starts with:


And I've written similar, shorter pieces there about other losses 
we're suffered, like Greg Bear a couple weeks ago, alongside a pic I 
took of him at Extro-5.

Off social media I'm mostly just head down, engineering. Nothing 
implicitly exciting but I manage to find cool in whatever I do.

-- David.

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