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Four young people slain with a gun on the south side of Chicago, doesn't
even make the news ever. spike

And why not?  No story there - just black gang members, in or out of
prison, killing one another.  I suspect that data will show that killings
other than domestic ones are overwhelmingly black and have no ideological
agenda at all.  No news is not good news.  bill w

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> >...Basically correct, but it is a bit more complicated than that.
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> >...There is no easy solution to this problem.
> BillK
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> BillK, we know where you were going with that.  Do let me assure you sir,
> we have a similar problem over here.  One of them you may have heard about:
> four young people slain with a knife in Idaho by an unknown assailant who
> is still loose.  The news people ran wild, highly profitable lede stories
> on it ever since.  Four young people slain with a gun on the south side of
> Chicago, doesn't even make the news ever.  That bleeds too, but it isn't
> news.  That sort of thing just happens there far too frequently, and it
> can't really be used to sell the notion of gun control because the
> assailant isn't one of those mysterious fictional "militia" types and they
> don't use the legendary AR-15.  Tragedies like that might be several times
> a year on average.  We all know what it is, whether or not we want to talk
> about it.  So... we talk about something safe, such as the four students in
> Idaho, and ja we know what it looks like to people outside our society.
> Our current cultural war is about more than that however.  Control of the
> narrative is everything.  The mainstream news people held that power for as
> long as most of society could read, but now that power structure is
> threatened and they don't like it a damn bit.  It really isn't about any
> left vs right, that part is an illusion.  It is really all about
> professional news coverage and sales.  It's all about who controls the
> narrative and to what ends.
> I went on and on about hurricanes a coupla months ago.  The 2022 hurricane
> season ended yesterday, so the numbers are in.  It was about a 28th
> percentile year, depending on which metric one uses, which was a bitter
> disappointment to the news industry.  Nothing sells news like storms, and
> hurricanes are nature's gift to that biz.  They move slowly, they have a
> partially predictable path but when one is coming, the proles will study
> the news (and the advertisers jump in line like fans for a Simon and
> Garfunkel reunion concert.)  Nature dealt an unusual cluster of six high
> storm seasons in a row: Oh boy, a trend!  But this one was mild, doh!
> The 2022 storm season partially redeemed itself by coincidentally peaking
> right when it hit land in Florida, even better in an expensive area,
> causing all that photogenic destruction, allowing so many weary boat and
> plane owners to get out of their financial burdens, collect all that yummy
> insurance without that distasteful sales business.  Oh how they rejoiced.
> BillK, watch the Twitter debate.  That one is important.  Those who would
> control the public narrative will try to crash that company any way they
> can, for it decentralizes and distributes control of the narrative.
> spike
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