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>>.... YyyyyyaNo.  With all that, with the smoking gun, with the video...Oy vey.
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>...Basically correct, but it is a bit more complicated than that.
>...There is no easy solution to this problem.



BillK, we know where you were going with that.  Do let me assure you sir, we have a similar problem over here.  One of them you may have heard about: four young people slain with a knife in Idaho by an unknown assailant who is still loose.  The news people ran wild, highly profitable lede stories on it ever since.  Four young people slain with a gun on the south side of Chicago, doesn't even make the news ever.  That bleeds too, but it isn't news.  That sort of thing just happens there far too frequently, and it can't really be used to sell the notion of gun control because the assailant isn't one of those mysterious fictional "militia" types and they don't use the legendary AR-15.  Tragedies like that might be several times a year on average.  We all know what it is, whether or not we want to talk about it.  So... we talk about something safe, such as the four students in Idaho, and ja we know what it looks like to people outside our society.

Our current cultural war is about more than that however.  Control of the narrative is everything.  The mainstream news people held that power for as long as most of society could read, but now that power structure is threatened and they don't like it a damn bit.  It really isn't about any left vs right, that part is an illusion.  It is really all about professional news coverage and sales.  It's all about who controls the narrative and to what ends.

I went on and on about hurricanes a coupla months ago.  The 2022 hurricane season ended yesterday, so the numbers are in.  It was about a 28th percentile year, depending on which metric one uses, which was a bitter disappointment to the news industry.  Nothing sells news like storms, and hurricanes are nature's gift to that biz.  They move slowly, they have a partially predictable path but when one is coming, the proles will study the news (and the advertisers jump in line like fans for a Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert.)  Nature dealt an unusual cluster of six high storm seasons in a row: Oh boy, a trend!  But this one was mild, doh!

The 2022 storm season partially redeemed itself by coincidentally peaking right when it hit land in Florida, even better in an expensive area, causing all that photogenic destruction, allowing so many weary boat and plane owners to get out of their financial burdens, collect all that yummy insurance without that distasteful sales business.  Oh how they rejoiced.

BillK, watch the Twitter debate.  That one is important.  Those who would control the public narrative will try to crash that company any way they can, for it decentralizes and distributes control of the narrative.


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