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> ...  Easy case, ja?
>>... YyyyyyaNo.  With all that, with the smoking gun, with the video, the prosecution STILL had no actual court-admissible evidence, which apparently in Britain, requires a witness to show up in court and testify.  ...
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>...Basically correct, but it is a bit more complicated than that.
>...There is no easy solution to this problem.



Ja thx for that BillK, we are generally aware of it.  However, I want offer you something to ponder.  Imagine what it looks like from outside, where we don't know about that gang bit, don't know about the color of this person or that, or we hope to think Britain doesn't have those kinds of problems.  From that perspective, a guy shot somebody, the constables used video and caught him, they farted around with a legal system as antiquated as... well, our own... then ended up letting the guy go so he can go shoot somebody else.

Now that I have asked you what you think that shooting looks like from the US perspective, I ask myself what that hammer business must look like from a British perspective.  Feel free to comment, but in the meantime, I will speculate.  The Brits can read the same info we have.  They must have the same questions, but (most critically) without the cluttery detail.  The Brits can see the FBI seized the constables' body cam video and refuse to allow any of it to see the light of day, not a single frame, but we yanks know why it is a critical question, having nothing to do with political parties and everything to do with... the FBI.  We have long sensed all is not well in that agency.

In any case, here is a good question we Yanks should be asking ourselves, beside the previous one of what that incident looks like to outsiders.  We should ask ourselves, regardless of which party one belongs to, are we cool with it if the reins of power in Washington change hands and the other guy gets control of all that power?  All these precedents have been set, and now what if the other guy inherits all this power that wasn't there before?  Everybody OK with that?  Will, OK with that?  BillW, good with it?  

Well, I'm not.  I am Libertarian, the brand that actually votes for the libertarian candidate most of the time.  So the two mainstream parties are to me nearly indistinguishable but the opposite party from mine is the Totalitarian party, and no, I am not at all OK with that party inheriting all that power.  It is dangerous as all hell in the current hands, all the more so in the hands of an angry vengeance-minded opposite party.  Political power snowballs and snowballs roll downhill.  The bottom of that hill is always totalitarianism.


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