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> Technology is fast, but law is slow.  A glaring British example is in the bizarre case of the shooting of Sasha Johnson.  Since I am not familiar with British politics, I get only the top level: four guys came to a party where there were at least a coupla hundred people, shot somebody and left.  The Brits, having cameras everywhere controlled by the constabulary, followed the video trail, caught the perps with the smoking gun.  Easy case, ja?
> YyyyyyaNo.  With all that, with the smoking gun, with the video, the prosecution STILL had no actual court-admissible evidence, which apparently in Britain, requires a witness to show up in court and testify.  None of the seething hordes at the party were willing to do so, the perps were declared not guilty, and now… the shooting victim didn’t actually die, but is functionally dead, the armed perps were given a demonstration that they can shoot somebody almost dead and get away without penalty.  Oy vey.
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Basically correct, but it is a bit more complicated than that.
The four men were wearing balaclavas that covered their heads and it
was during the night, so id would have been difficult.
The police had other evidence which they didn't want to disclose in a
public court. No reason given.
The real problem is drugs and the black gangs shooting each other.
Sasha Johnson was almost certainly not the intended victim.
None of the black people at the event are witnesses, partly from fear
of the gangs, but also because they don't trust the London police.
There are ongoing scandals about police prejudice and victimisation of
black people.
There is no easy solution to this problem.


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