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>…Spike my man the way you talk about society and politics is what I imagine it would feel like if some philosopher came up to you and said that pi is exactly 3… Will






Will, this is kinda in response to your comment but really it is for BillK, since the prophet Huxley was one of his lads from England.  Do let me start with remarking how prescient was Huxley.  Well done indeed, England.


Technology is fast, but law is slow.  A glaring British example is in the bizarre case of the shooting of Sasha Johnson.  Since I am not familiar with British politics, I get only the top level: four guys came to a party where there were at least a coupla hundred people, shot somebody and left.  The Brits, having cameras everywhere controlled by the constabulary, followed the video trail, caught the perps with the smoking gun.  Easy case, ja?


YyyyyyaNo.  With all that, with the smoking gun, with the video, the prosecution STILL had no actual court-admissible evidence, which apparently in Britain, requires a witness to show up in court and testify.  None of the seething hordes at the party were willing to do so, the perps were declared not guilty, and now… the shooting victim didn’t actually die, but is functionally dead, the armed perps were given a demonstration that they can shoot somebody almost dead and get away without penalty.  Oy vey.


Hey, technology is fast, law is slow.  The British legal system is what it is.


OK, well then, any time one points a finger, there are three pointing back at oneself.  So do let us yanks take a good hard look at ourselves and ask what this hammer attack business must look like from the point of view of those not familiar with yankee politics, and while we are at it, remove that aspect of the case from our own view (as much as possible.)


We had a news agency reporting a hammer attack story which kinda made sense, but the news agency retracted its own story without ever replacing it with a revised version.  It never explained what was wrong with its own vaguely plausible original story.  The FBI issued a report which is self contradictory and makes no sense with either or any of the possible interpretations.  Video evidence made by the arresting authorities exists but the FBI seized that and refuses to allow it to be viewed.  Those who ask questions, merely ask questions, are accused of being conspiracy theorists.  Indeed?  Is a question a theory?  Can one ask a conspiracy query?  Is asking for video a theory?


But hey, technology is fast, law is slow.  The US legal system is what it is.


Some people cannot read, and some cannot reason, but nearly all of us can see.  To explain what happens in a confrontation between the authorities and perps, we don’t need to see a written description, when video of the incident exists.  Just show us the damn video.  We will write what we think happened.  Failing that, just show us a single frame from that video, the one from the precise moment the door of the victim was opened (by someone (who? (in one place it says the victim, in another place it says the constables))) so that we can see where was the victim, where was the hammer guy, what configuration was the hammer at that precise moment.  


Where every player was standing at that precise moment is what we want to know, for the written description of the incident raises more questions than answers, and the agency responsible for writing that really just doesn’t want to talk about.  Well… we who pay the salaries of that law enforcement agency do want to talk about it.  The Brits want to know too, some of them do.  They have no political anything, just puzzled by the whole thing, as we yanks are.  Inquiring minds want to know.


Note that none of that is a conspiracy theory, for a conspiracy theory requires a theory.  Without a theory, a conspiracy theory is just conspiracy.  I have none in this bizarre case because the written description of the hammer incident gives me no plausible theory.









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