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>…Again, communism doesn't require a government (anarcho-communism) and the governments you call communist are actually authoritarian capitalist (Russia, China).  Idk why you are ignoring this point, it reminds me of the way John argues…


Ja, this is a variant on the “true communism has never been tried” theme.  Well OK, in my mind true communism always results in authoritarian capitalism, whether or not that was the intent.  I can further speculate that outside of families, true communism will never be tried.



>…You don't believe calling yourself a woman makes you a woman…


Ja, I would never believe myself if I even tried that.  I could never pull it over on me.  I could never even keep a straight face telling it to myself in the mirror.  I would bust out laughing and tell me: spike, look down there, you silly ass!  And that sorta thing.  Will, if others can make that happen for them, well OK then, it’s their call, but my brain just doesn’t work that way, never has.


>…so why would you believe that China calling itself communist makes it communist?  Everyone can see that it is not remotely communist anymore…


I see hope for China.  The 1.4 billion little commies are getting more and more pissed at the big commie up top, with the riots and such.  It will be extremely interesting if they continue to grow in outrage and power, to continue to use their idealized view of the USA as an example of what they want to be, then eventually just go ahead and storm the presidential palace at enormous loss of life, slay the big commie up top, adopt something analogous to the US constitution along with rigorous first, second and fifth amendment rights.  


I don’t seriously predict it will turn out that way, but I hope does.  Estimate 20% chance.  I am cheering wildly for the 1.4 billion little commies yearning to be anarcho capitalist.  I think they would be good at it: China could become a most formidable trade competitor.




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