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This discussion has morphed so many times, I really want to focus on this
question that I posted earlier mixed with a bunch of other silliness.  This
part isn’t silly:


>…But regarding Twitter: if you had skerjillions of dollars and you saw
Twitter was losing 4 million bucks a day, and that it is an inherently
valuable asset to American society and the world, so you really want to keep
it, but to save it you really really need to find a way to make it at least
break even… what would you do any differently from what Elon is doing right
now please?


I have thought of some ideas but none of them are very good.  


1.	Elon could have bought the company and left everything exactly as it
was, then just ponied up the 4 million a day out of his own deep pockets.
It doesn’t seem quite right, but he could have done that.


2.	He could freeze all hiring and wage increases, then wait for
attrition to do its magic.


3.	He could be himself and let some of his employees get offended and
quit.  Some of them would say goofy quotable things like “I refuse to work
for a multibillionaire.”  Someone else “You already were when Jack owned the
joint.”  “Oh, right.  There is that.  But that was different.”


4.	He could charge big money for the verified blue checks, not 8 bucks
a month but more like about 80.


Other ideas?  We woulda made such fine billionaires, fortune wasted such
opportunity not smiling on us.




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