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>>… Ja, I would never believe myself if I even tried that.  I could never pull it over on me.  I could never even keep a straight face telling it to myself in the mirror.  I would bust out laughing and tell me: spike, look down there, you silly ass!...


I already know what I would do to myself.  I would answer back “What?  Where?  I don’t see anything, get me a magnifying glass…”  We would laugh and laugh at each me.  I am always screwing with myself, doing crap like that to me.  I am forced to: no one else will laugh at my jokes.  I do, but no one else, the old grumpy bears, all of them.  They force me to be an autocomedian.  Has its advantages: even if I offend me, I never cancel myself.


>…Whatever a woman is …--XX, womb, ovaries, body and mind long-term feminized …


I think you have the answer there Will: use the terms XX and XY for nearly all people.  Those terms are completely unambiguous, verifiable with a microscope and so forth.  No XYs can ever get pregnant, XXs generally can for part of their lives.  We know there are cases where embryos can get opposite-lettered hormones, we know about surgeries and all that, but the chromosomes are what they are.  The terms need not carry information with regard to appearance, gender preference, any of that.  We know there are trisomy cases, the three survivable ones being XXX, XXY and XYY if I remember my high school biology, so even that system isn’t perfect but it is good.


>…China will have a revolution 100%.  My guess had always been a botched or expensive Taiwan invasion and war of attrition leads to revolts on the periphery (west, north, south) which the army is stretched to thin to put down.  It's coming sooner rather than later, imo


Ja agree.  The Chinese people aren’t going to keep putting up with the crap forever.  This really was foreseeable the minute they started getting cell phones and Twitter and TikTok and such.  Authoritarianism requires control of information.  Once they lose that iron fisted control of information, freedom breaks out everywhere, as it is struggling to do at Twitter now.


But regarding Twitter: if you had skerjillions of dollars and you saw Twitter was losing 4 million bucks a day, and that it is an inherently valuable asset to American society and the world, so you really want to keep it, but to save it you really really need to find a way to make it at least break even… what would you do any differently from what Elon is doing right now please?









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