[ExI] Twitter and free speech

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From: Dave S <snapbag at proton.me> 

>… If I really wanted to promote free speech I'd do a lot differently than Musk…


OK, how?


>…If I were trying to cut losses, I'd obviously cut staff. But I'd also try not to drive away advertisers, the primary source of income. -Dave


That’s what he did: cut staff and tried to not drive away advertisers.  Some left anyway.  So now what?  The books still don’t balance.


Looks to me like he will need to cut more staff, but not as much as the first round.


I understand buying the company.  It wasn’t just bleeding money, it was gushing it from every artery.  Twitter would have folded soon had not Musk attempted a rescue (no guarantee even someone with his formidable business acumen and all around… elan… can pull out of this power dive.


Dave you proposed doing something a lot differently, then suggested doing what Musk did, and what I would have had to do too.  Other ideas?




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