[ExI] Twitter and free speech

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>>... I had one. Musk attempted the 8 dollar a month subscription fee for 
> the blue check mark. That failed,

>...Because it's basically meaningless...

What I understood is that the blue check means it is a verifiable account, traceable to a person.  The credit card solution would make it basically meaningful

>> ...no human judgment on the content of the messaging, only a credit card, active within the past three months verifying this identity.  Wouldn’t that work?

>...Sounds good to me, but I'd charge more. I don't know what went into verification pre-Musk, but my impression is that it was something they granted to public figures they deemed worthy.  -Dave


Ja, but deeming worthy is subjective and subjective anything can never be made fair.  So... remove subjectivity at every opportunity, replace it with openness and objectivity, enforce freedom with an iron fist, for that is the only kind of fist that suffices against those who would suppress freedom.


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