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>…Why not have two Twitters: one censored, one totally open?  Now we'll find out just what people really want to say.   bill w



Excellent idea BillW, with a stipulation: Twitter will stay and be the open one.  It can still be censored in a way, but generally by software, and everything must be open to all: have a list of links to tweets that are censored and a list of posts that are shadow banned, even while recognizing that publishing shadow banning is a logical contradiction.  


Of course that will lead to the banned-book paradox, where so many read a book because it was banned, wanting to know why.  That’s the reason I read Catcher in the Rye rather than Peyton Place (bad example of course, because Catcher really is confusing garbage, whereas Peyton is delightfully titillatin’.  But still.)


For years, when people complained they were being unfairly censored and shadow banned and all that, they were told to go to hell, find another social medium, or another company, or start your own Twitter competitor, etc.  


So… OK we don’t actually need to compose anything new for those who are the loudest complainers now.  Just post what they themselves told others a few years ago.


Oh I love that.  My friends, what a time to be living!  This all makes a most joyful noise, like Christmas songs without all the religion and stuff, the kind of sound that those three rock stars sang of 60 years ago: the hammer of justice and the bell of freedom.  Let it bang and let it ring, all over this land.






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