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…> On Behalf Of William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat


>…Peyton Place - just titillating - not a good book….


Well ja, there is that.  But recall that was back in the days when our favorite centerfold was Miss October 1957 on page 137 of National Geographic.  Hey, it was all we had in those days.  Times changed.


>…  I did read it and was not titillated…


Oh.  So good chance you were not the one who dogeared the pages on the juicy parts in that copy our public library had.  Oh wait, never mind, I did that.  Hey it was all we had in those days.  Times changed.


>…  Catcher was, I think, an experimental book - sort of a stream of consciousness book.  It succeeded spectacularly but is not a good book.  bill w


Ja if so, it was a failed experiment.  For that genre you go with Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.  That was a fun jazzy romp.





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