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The information coming out now about Twitter shows a bunch of requests to take down information.  Twitter complied, using Twitter’s resources…


>…So anyone can remove anyone else's tweets? Seems not very free speechy…

Ja it does seem like something is off a bit.  People were making requests to Twitter to remove any reference to the laptop, which is one reason why we still don’t know what that is.  We keep hearing more and more references to it, and have seen a little of what is on it, but a lot of what people were requesting is removal of other people’s tweets and banning to stop references to the laptop.

>… Is there not some legal justification required?

Apparently not, but even if there is, technology is fast, law is slow.

>…What's to stop people from posting the same content again, maybe slightly modified?

Getting banned for posting it.  Twitter did that.

>…I can see bots battling to post and take down the same info. :-) Which could be good for Musk. -Dave

Musk sure, but I am thinking of how that notion can be harnessed to sell advertisement for which I get paid.  On Quora for instance, if a lot of people sign up to follow and upvote your answers and all that, you can sign up to be a content provider and make a tenth of a cent per view, that kinda thing.  Quora makes money, I get a percent or two of their take, everyone wins.

If Twitter can set up to where people are working against each other on some really big story such as the laptop, where both the original posts and the requests to remove sell ad space, that sounds to me like a winning business model.



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