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>…China can't be doing Zero Covid because of health concerns.  Anyone with elementary knowledge of virology knows that most viruses so widespread become endemic in a population that largely but not perfectly has herd immunity …-samantha



I get the feeling China is doing Zero Covid policy because the Dear Leader is hoping to dissuade the masses from lopping off his Dear Head.  


That being said, I am thinking about the Dear Leader’s options if the pissed off masses start closing in on the presidential palace with dear bloody goddam vengeance on their dear minds, which would be understandable considering all that has happened.  I thought of a most worrisome scenario: 


The Chinese president looks around and finds that Russia is busy in Ukraine, NATO is (for the past few decades) temporarily weak with little willingness (and even less apparent actual ability) to project force, the USA government is at war with itself, occupied in putting together a massive taskforce aimed at deriving strategies to get the American people to stop talking about a laptop computer.  He orders the military to grab Taiwan and calls on the protestors to stand down and contribute to the glory of China’s reunification, after which the Dear Leader controls most of the world’s computer chip production capacity.


Oy vey.


Someone offer a more optimistic scenario please.



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