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>>… We know that Hunter was not doing drugs, in accordance with his own legal testimony.


>…Who published his 4473? They're not public information…

We don’t know.  Might be the same people who published photos of documents seized in the Mara Lago raid.

>…Given the number of marijuana users in the country, it's safe to say that a lot of people have committed that felony, too. As a libertarian, I don't think it's the government's business…

In principle I agree.  Of course that now nullifies federal government control of firearm sale, but in light of what is going down in China and Iran right now, one can reasonably argue that firearms are a most prudent purchase.


>… A video of some purported activity isn't proof that the purported activity actually happened, or that it happened prior to the signing of an ATF 4473…

That’s part of it, but there is an interesting part 2.  The computer repairman who unlocked the abandoned laptop found amateur porno videos on there which had no documentation regarding the identity of the participants.  This made those videos either child pornography or the legal equivalent of that (for the makers of those kinds of videos have the legal obligation to maintain documentation showing that the subjects were aware they were being recorded, willing to participate and of legal age.)  Without that documentation, the video is either child pornography or the legal equivalent of that.

The computer repairman was legally in possession of the files after a certain date.  Now he was in a fix.  If he erased the video, he would be destroying evidence.  If he handed it over to the FBI, he might have been committing suicide next week.  If he made a copy and gave it to the political adversary of the FBI, he would be distributing child pornography.  Some days it is just no fun being a computer repairman.

OK so what if we go ahead and allow the contents of that laptop to nullify firearm purchase law and child pornography law.  Will the American people now just please stop talking about it, ignore that man behind the curtain?  Or will they keep asking: what else is on that laptop?

>…Voters have amply demonstrated that they can't be trusted to think for themselves. I don't see a way out of this mess. -Dave

Dave I don’t really see it as a problem on the part of the voters, but rather the elected government.  But I do see a way out of this mess.






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