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>…Re: laptop, you really care more about 1 out of thousands of instances of the government lying, over a global pedo blackmail ring run by the CIA and mossad, involving all the world's most powerful leaders/CEOs/etc?



Ja, Will the reason that is critically important is that our tolerating a corrupt FBI is a form of power, which is pretty likely to be in the hands of the other guys in a little over 2 years.  The big difference this time around is the other guy knows exactly who to transfer to Chicago to work on the murder rate there, and who to hire to replace them.


That’s the problem with corrupt power: it tends to concentrate in the wrong hands.  From there it grows and eventually transfers over to the still more wrong hands.  This is easily foreseeable at this point.  


Will, that laptop is big trouble, in the process of becoming bigger trouble.








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