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>…As hard as it is to believe, I remember a time not that terribly long ago when even the ACLU believed in your version!


>…With the current insanity that has enveloped the US, this is no longer the case…  Dylan




Dylan whether intended or otherwise, Musk’s actions have uncovered what appears to be collusion in an election to cover up the laptop.  Now we see all kinds of resulting weirdness: I am thought to be a conspiracy theorist for asking some pretty obvious questions about the local hammer attack, an odd example of a theorist without a theory.  


Now we see something a lot like it for those who want to know what is on that laptop that the FBI is willing to appear suspiciously guilty for covering up.  What’s up with that, FBI?  This is the second case where a person can be thought of as a conspiracy theorist for just asking an obvious question, a theorist without an actual theory.  Is that an ist?  OK then, I am an ist.


I wouldn’t call myself a free speech absolutist, but rather a free speech mostlyist.  I am OK with Musk if he removes the Nazi rap star.  Twitter looks like a great place for free speech mostlyists: you get to follow whoever you want.  It doesn’t matter what else is there, if one doesn’t follow those tweeters, ja?  I never see them.






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