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> All speech is sacred. Everyone must have the right to say anything and
> everything and no one may be legitimately punished for it (except if he
> voluntarily relinquished some of his rights to speak by entering into a
> contract).

Out of curiosity, what's your stance on:
* Fraud?
* Libel?
* Slander?
* As a specific example, those who deny the Holocaust happened?
* ...who deny the Moon landings happened?
* ...who claim the Sandy Hook massacre never happened?
* Contracts obtained by misrepresentation?
* Contracts agreed to under life-threatening duress?
* Contracts where one party forges the second party's signature and uses
this to trick third parties into enforcing it against the second party?

If I am free to say anything, that includes saying that you agreed to give
me all your material wealth and then commit suicide right now, which you
are in obvious breach of because you are still alive.  Are you sure that
speech of that nature should not be punished?
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