[ExI] ChatGPT wrote this for Storm, a black dog who went into the sea

Giulio Prisco giulio at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 08:04:02 UTC 2022

Storm is my daughter's dog.


Please write four verses of a limerick, beginning with "There once was
a doggy called Storm." Say that Storm is a black female dog who one
day went into the sea and become wet


There once was a doggy called Storm,
A black girl with a love for the norm.
But one day, as she played,
She wandered off and strayed,
Into the sea, where she became quite forlorn.

Her fur was sopping and her tail was droopy,
As she tried to shake off all that was goopy.
She barked and she yipped,
But still she was gripped,
By the seawater that had made her so soopy.

But Storm, being a clever little pup,
Did not let her misery add up.
She swam to the shore,
And shook off the seaweed and more,
And continued on with her day, never giving up.

So if you're out for a walk by the sea,
And you happen to come across Storm, you'll see,
A wet, happy girl,
Who's had quite the twirl,
But still enjoys life to the fullest, merrily.

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