[ExI] ChatGPT wrote this for Storm, a black dog who went into the sea

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Tue Dec 6 12:46:39 UTC 2022

That's pretty good!  Much better than I'd likely come up with. :)


Giulio Prisco via extropy-chat wrote:
> Storm is my daughter's dog.
> Instructions:
> Please write four verses of a limerick, beginning with "There once was
> a doggy called Storm." Say that Storm is a black female dog who one
> day went into the sea and become wet
> Result:
> There once was a doggy called Storm,
> A black girl with a love for the norm.
> But one day, as she played,
> She wandered off and strayed,
> Into the sea, where she became quite forlorn.
> Her fur was sopping and her tail was droopy,
> As she tried to shake off all that was goopy.
> She barked and she yipped,
> But still she was gripped,
> By the seawater that had made her so soopy.
> But Storm, being a clever little pup,
> Did not let her misery add up.
> She swam to the shore,
> And shook off the seaweed and more,
> And continued on with her day, never giving up.
> So if you're out for a walk by the sea,
> And you happen to come across Storm, you'll see,
> A wet, happy girl,
> Who's had quite the twirl,
> But still enjoys life to the fullest, merrily.
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