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Absolutist? Me too.  But no medium has a duty in the legal sense, to
publish it.   bill w

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>> If you say "free speech", then do you really think that platforming Nazis
>> and white supremists is the price we have to pay to not overstep?
> ### Well, yes, actual free speech (not the scare-quote "free speech")
> means that all the people you hate and despise with the greatest possible
> intensity get to spew their most hateful, despicable and evil words to all
> the other evil and despicable people who wish to listen.
> Yes, that specifically includes actual Nazis, Satan worshippers,
> anti-vaxers and even Democrats.
> I am a free-speech absolutist.
> All speech is sacred. Everyone must have the right to say anything and
> everything and no one may be legitimately punished for it (except if he
> voluntarily relinquished some of his rights to speak by entering into a
> contract).
> So says the First Commandment of my holy social faith.
> Rafal
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