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>…Why would anyone have the right to pay to remove a post on Twitter or any
large reach social media platform?....-samantha





Samantha, it is good to have old friends, specifically friends from the
long time agos, for they can answer questions you might have in a moment of


You were an active poster in 1990s and thru somewhere around… 2005?  In
those years, you remember what you wrote about.  In all that there was a
thread that remains burned into my memory like a crystal vision, something
you posted about, something I thought was a bit extreme but you were right
on the money with it.  I think of that thread often, for I was dead wrong, a
lot of us were.  But you were right.


So… knowing that you had a big impact on me with that thread, have you a
good guess what that thread was about and what you said?



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