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>…Just assuming I was part of the crowd blaming Asian people is something that bugged me when Stathis seemed to do so.  Given that the known first incidents were in Wuhan and that flights to/from Asia were still open for a while there is a small possibility that the detail is relevant from a tracing the infection path POV but wasn't in my mind  when I wrote the post. 




I am Spartacus.  


I believe I caught covid in December 2019 from a person (detail intentionally omitted) who had just returned from vacationing in China to visit her family.  I am not blaming her, she didn’t know, no one did.  Our pleasant interaction lasted several minutes, she was doing her job (no not THAT kinda job dammit (it was a pleasant interaction but not THAT pleasant (sheesh minds outta the gutter, alla yas.)))  If I specify she is Asian, that is not racist, it is not blaming China, but it is relevant to that discussion (even if peripheral detail (good chance it is clear she is Asian from the comment that she was visiting her family in China.))


Eh, I have a lotta Chinese friends who knew the score before I did.  Apparently they were very concerned about anti-Chinese violence knowing where that virus came from before we did.  Fortunately that didn’t happen, at least around here.  I see nothing racist or even harmful about mentioning the detail: Asian people would be more likely in 2019 and early 2020 to have family contacts who brought them covid.  That isn’t racist.  It is place-ist, because a disease starts in a place, and people come and go. Specifying Asian is place-ist.  China to USA was the likely the infection path for both of us.


So… I am Spartacus.  I don’t know what the heck that means exactly, but I am told it is a kind of hipster way of saying ‘me too’ with panache.  I assume Spartacus was in general agreement with Samantha and he was simultaneously clueless on some goof claiming to be him. Spartacus was so culturally unaware of the hipster sayings from a coupla thousand years future of his times that never saw the movie about himself, nor did I.  But I have heard the saying.




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