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>…The Pentagon, unfortunately, does not share your optimism.   Best case scenario is likely that we destroy all of the chip plants:


Pentagon, Chinese analysts agree US can’t win in Taiwan Strait
US mulls ‘scorched earth’ strategy for Taiwan instead of defense
DECEMBER 6, 2022




Dylan do ponder the following scenario: the US military, having been running wargames and simulations, are well aware of the odds.  With a stubborn aversion to losing irreplaceable carriers and…like… getting killed, and knowing that the US government has way bigger problems on its collective mind than a mere planet-threatening war on the far side of the Pacific, find a way to keep the carriers out of harm’s way.


The Taiwan military, well aware of these war games and sims, recognize they must scuttle those chip fabs.  A grenade is tossed into each manufacturing machine.  The buildings remain standing but no computer chips will go out any time soon.



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