[ExI] Anybody got a CLEU?

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Fri Dec 9 02:11:12 UTC 2022

So since about 2020, I have been puzzled by this quiet little  
publically traded corporation listed on NADAQ.

It is the Chinese Liberal Education Holdings. It trades on NASDAQ with  
the ticker CLEU. Here is an excerpt from its NASDAQ listing.:

"China Liberal Education Holdings Ltd is an educational service  
provider operating in China. The company's operating segment includes  
Joint education programs; Textbook Sales; Overseas study consulting  
and Technological consulting for smart campus solutions. It generates  
maximum revenue from the Joint education programs segment.  
Geographically, it derives revenue from China. It also develops and  
provides textbooks and other course materials to students enrolled  
under the Sino-foreign Jointly Managed Academic Programs."
A company that makes and distributes educational materials such as  
textbooks to customers in China and elsewhere. The company is  
headquartered quite openly in Beijing, the capital of the world's most  
powerful communist state.

So I have to ask, how much are this and other cheap textbook  
manufacturers based in the PRC, a communist "Trojan horse" in the  
capitalist system? Are they designed to divide the real democracies  
and free republics of the world by an overemphasis on identity  
politics, fact-checked-counter-anti-hate-speech, and echo-chambers?

Am I being paranoid or are they sowing dissent amongst the liberal  
democracies of the world through their public education systems, by  
over-sensitizing students to minor offenses?

Stuart LaForge

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