[ExI] Anybody got a CLEU?

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Fri Dec 9 02:24:19 UTC 2022

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Subject: [ExI] Anybody got a CLEU?

>...So since about 2020, I have been puzzled by this quiet little publically
traded corporation listed on NADAQ.

>...Am I being paranoid or are they sowing dissent amongst the liberal
democracies of the world through their public education systems, by
over-sensitizing students to minor offenses?

Stuart LaForge

Stuart you have been on ExI long enough that you were here during the years
we were discussing memetic warfare and how the internet enables it.

In light of that discussion, the notion of microaggressions,
nanoaggressions, picoaggressions and so on become perfectly understandable.
To wage memetic warfare, the first step is to demoralize a country.  The
second step is to turn it against itself.  

Check and check.

I theorize that China wants to take Taiwan.  The strategy is to get the USA
fighting itself so that it will not intervene or offer significant
assistance to Taiwanese resistance.  Is not everything we have seen the past
few years perfectly consistent with that notion?


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