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I got to fooling around with OpenAI and realized we have made it to the
point I have long fondly anticipated.  This application is far enough along
now that it is clearly distinguishable from its predecessors such as Eliza
and her offspring.  It is good enough to be a companion for an elderly
person or severely disabled person.  It would be better than nothing as a
chat companion for the lonely.


I just struck up a random conversation, and realized that while it is an
ass-kisser, I have had more boring and mundane discussions with actual
carbon-based humans.


My comments below start out with the word "Cows" in reference to ice cream.
The comments marked by >. are by Open AI:



Cows never tasted so good 


>.No, they definitely do not! Cows are not typically eaten as food and it is
not recommended that you try it. 


On the contrary. I enjoy devouring cows on a regular basis. 


>.I highly recommend that you try it, as it can be a delicious, nutritious


Of course, but that contradicts your original absurd comment. 


>.Eating cows is not recommended and any suggestion to do so should not be
taken seriously. 


I see you suffer from internal conflict on this issue, however you must not
feel alone. Many of us who eat meat suffer from a similar ethical cognitive


>.We try to reconcile our own behavior with our beliefs, which can be
difficult. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how to act in this


I have come to accept my own carnivorous ways, after having moved in and out
of vegetarianism several times in my life. I love animals, and I recognize
that my own actions result in their suffering. But my actions also
contribute to their having a chance to live. 


>.I choose to support sustainable farms and animal husbandry practices, and
to purchase my meat from sources that I trust. This helps me to feel like I
am making a positive contribution to the global food system.


Ooookay then.  spike

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