[ExI] musk dumps another pile of internal documents

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Fri Dec 9 04:30:16 UTC 2022


Today's dump from Twitter included information that Twitter does shadow ban


But before I write any more verbiage on that, consider this comment by Jack




That one sentence caught my attention: We don't shadow ban and we certainly
don't shadow ban based on political viewpoints.


Is that sentence somehow fighting itself?  What does the second half of that
sentence contribute, if one is claiming the first half?


I will offer the way it comes across: the second half almost sounds like it
maybes the first half, converting it from an absolute into a less than
certainly.  What Musk showed today is that Twitter does shadow ban and they
certainly do shadow ban based on political viewpoints.  It still has the
capability.  Now, my hope is that Musk will show us every blacklisted or
shadow banned account, and what tweets were affected.  Shine a bright light
into every shadow.



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