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>...  Shine a bright light into every shadow.  spike



OK suppose they did, spike.  What is the big deal?


The big deal is that Twitter may have suppressed negative information about
the Covid vaccine.  I have personally spoken to people who had negative
reactions to the stuff.  I never posted about it online.  There were those
who were seeking out anything anywhere about bad reactions to those
vaccines, so any post would be amplified 100 times.


Twitter decided to deal with it by limiting the reach of those posts.


OK then, I understand the motive, but think about it: what if... a lot of
people were getting those bad reactions, say 10% of the population, then the
social media companies worked together to suppress the 10%, creating an
illusion that the vaccines were perfectly safe when they were really mostly


Then we found out... they aren't particularly effective.  So... mostly safe,
somewhat effective.  Twitter helped create the illusion that they are
perfectly safe and highly effective.  They did this by shadow banning while
claiming they were not shadow banning.


Twitter can still do this.  The latest policy doesn't actually say they will




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