[ExI] All speech is sacred or why Warcraftification of real life is a solution to various ills

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>…Appending an easily accessible record of prior judgments by trusted authorities…





Hmmmm… ja I see the intent there.  I am tripping over the “trusted authorities” term.  We must recognize the culture war, such as American society is now actively engaged, results in “trusted authorities” have an agenda of their own, which causes the quoted phrase to be self-contradictory.  Example: authorities trusted by some are seeking to identify parents who object to common schoolboard policy as domestic terrorists.  I see this as an indication that trusted (by some) authorities were in such desperate need of domestic terrorists that it was forced to manufacture them.


Rafal, I agree there should be some kind of system of accountability, where every person’s past will follow them in some way.  I just don’t know what that is.





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