[ExI] All speech is sacred or why Warcraftification of real life is a solution to various ills

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> Ja.  This argument suggests that it is legal for the government to use taxpayer money to seize more power, which it will certainly do.
> The former CEO of Twitter testified before congress that Twitter does not shadowban.  The current owner of Twitter revealed this week that Twitter shadowbans.  If congress doesn’t do anything about that testimony, it has legalized lying to congress under oath.
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In the new material released late Friday, journalist Matt Taibbi
confirmed that Twitter executives met weekly with FBI, Homeland
Security and national intelligence officials to discuss
“disinformation” they felt should be removed from the site. Those
discussions apparently included the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Some of these files reflect specific subjects or measures long pushed
by powerful politicians to get private companies to do indirectly what
they themselves are barred from doing under the First Amendment.

What these files suggest is an utter license to control political
speech on social media platforms. Twitter executives often sound like
overlords determining what the public should be allowed to read or
say. This is hardly surprising, given the constant stroking by many
politicians and pundits who say they are saving democracy by limiting
free speech.

The new documents show Twitter using blacklists and “visibility
filters” to interfere with user searches or to shadow-ban individuals
and prevent their tweets from trending. The new material also
indicates that “visibility filtering” was directed at various
Republican campaigns, throttling or reducing candidates’ visibility
before the 2020 election.

To an outside observer, bearing in mind the huge popularity of social
media, that is a prime example of 'interfering in an election'.


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