[ExI] All speech is sacred or why Warcraftification of real life is a solution to various ills

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Sat Dec 10 20:27:40 UTC 2022

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>...The new documents show Twitter using blacklists and “visibility filters” to interfere with user searches or to shadow-ban individuals and prevent their tweets from trending. The new material also indicates that “visibility filtering” was directed at various Republican campaigns, throttling or reducing candidates’ visibility before the 2020 election.

>...To an outside observer, bearing in mind the huge popularity of social media, that is a prime example of 'interfering in an election'.



BillK, thanks for that, my British friend.

Think about the consequences: now that unpleasant business about the 2020 election being {fill in your favorite description {you don't need one from me}} is with us forever.  Now we will never really get over that, because we can't ever know for sure if the FBI's actions flipped that election.

I often wonder what this all looks like from the outsider's POV.  I also wonder what it does to the USA's resolve if China grabs Taiwan.  Knowing the US is divided against itself, the Dear Leader might command his Dear Army to take action sooner rather than later.  



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