[ExI] All speech is sacred or why Warcraftification of real life is a solution to various ills

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Think of all the media outlets - web,newspapers and so on.  How many of
them provide balanced coverage of politics?  I'd guess none.  That means
that all of them are interfering in an election.  No?  No.   bill w

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> > Ja.  This argument suggests that it is legal for the government to use
> taxpayer money to seize more power, which it will certainly do.
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> > The former CEO of Twitter testified before congress that Twitter does
> not shadowban.  The current owner of Twitter revealed this week that
> Twitter shadowbans.  If congress doesn’t do anything about that testimony,
> it has legalized lying to congress under oath.
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> > spike
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> See:
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> https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/with-new-twitter-files-musk-forces-a-free-speech-reckoning-for-politicians-and-pundits/ar-AA1583xF
> >
> Quotes:
> In the new material released late Friday, journalist Matt Taibbi
> confirmed that Twitter executives met weekly with FBI, Homeland
> Security and national intelligence officials to discuss
> “disinformation” they felt should be removed from the site. Those
> discussions apparently included the Hunter Biden laptop story.
> Some of these files reflect specific subjects or measures long pushed
> by powerful politicians to get private companies to do indirectly what
> they themselves are barred from doing under the First Amendment.
> What these files suggest is an utter license to control political
> speech on social media platforms. Twitter executives often sound like
> overlords determining what the public should be allowed to read or
> say. This is hardly surprising, given the constant stroking by many
> politicians and pundits who say they are saving democracy by limiting
> free speech.
> The new documents show Twitter using blacklists and “visibility
> filters” to interfere with user searches or to shadow-ban individuals
> and prevent their tweets from trending. The new material also
> indicates that “visibility filtering” was directed at various
> Republican campaigns, throttling or reducing candidates’ visibility
> before the 2020 election.
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> To an outside observer, bearing in mind the huge popularity of social
> media, that is a prime example of 'interfering in an election'.
> BillK
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